Creative Commons Uses Revver to Fundraise

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When you click on the advertisement for Pinnacle Studios at the end of the Creative Commons' video, "Wanna Work Together?" Creative Commons receives 100% of the ad's revenue. 

The video is hosted by Revver, a video-sharing platform that uses Creative Commons licenses to help creators make money from their work. Revver attaches an ad at the end of each video on its network. When a viewer clicks on the ad, Revver splits the ad revenue with the video's creator. Usually, it is a 50/50 split, but Revver is giving Creative Commons 100% of the money for their videos till December 31, 2006.

Pretty cool, huh?  Your online video campaign can raise awareness and raise money.

Take a minute to check out "Wanna Work Together."  It's a great explanation of how Creative Commons works to send to pals and colleagues.