BarCampBlock (3rd Annual BarCamp) August 18-19 in Palo Alto

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The third annual BarCamp, BarCampBlock, will return to where it began, SocialText's offices in Palo Alto, and expand down the block traveling between SocialText, Edgeio, IDEO, and iMeem.

If you are wondering what a BarCamp is, check out this entry on Wikipedia.

You can register for BarCampBlock on the EventBrite Signup page, and add your name to the wiki once you are registered.

People are still needed to help organize, sponsor and promote the event.

To be an organizer/volunteer, join the BarCampBlock Google Group. They need people to coordinate the wifi, food, sponsors, etc.

If you want to make a donation (maximum donation of $300 or an in-kind gift of food, drinks, etc.) email Tara Hunt at

Finally, if you blog about the event, link to your blog on the wiki.

Photo Credit: BarCamp AMS 2005 Opening by Roland Tanglao.