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East Africa has made huge progress towards achieving Universal Primary Education UPE,but sadly around 10 million primary school pupils drop out each year ,and many children who do manage to complete school have very poor reading skills in English and in their mother tongue.this proves a huge hurdle for those children who go on to attend secondary school where all lessons are taught in English.most schools have no library ,and the books that do exist in classrooms are often out of date and are shared between 10 or more children .For most families,books are luxury they simply cannot afford ,leaving children struggling to learn without access to books.we calling upon friends and friends of education to came forward and Donate to build library and buy books for children of Blue bells Orphanage in Busia county.the beneficiaries will be all children under Orphan and Vulnerable Education Support Program.OVES program
The best way to give is to Donate . 100% of your donation will go towards the library project support. You can sponsor from only £20 a month . Regular sponsorship money is essential for the long term commitments we have to children education.
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