We invite you to provide technical Assistance on Community Radio initiative in Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication considers community radio as a special area for intervention. We have been promoting advocacy with the government in relation to community radio with other organizations since its emergence from 2000.
The objective of BNNRC 's Community Radio intervention is to address crucial social issues at community level, such as poverty and social exclusion, empower marginalized rural groups and catalyze democratic processes and on going development efforts.
The prime role of community radio is giving voice of voiceless people who doesn’t have access to the mainstream media to express their ideas and views regarding community development. Promoting the right to communicate, speed up the process of informing the community, assist the free flow of information and therefore act as a catalyst of change are few major tasks are to be done by community radio. It will also uphold creative growth and democratic spirit in the community level. 

As a result Ministry of Information of People's Republic of Bangladesh has announced the Community Radio Installation, Broadcast and Operation Policy 2008. Under this policy Ministry of Information has recently [22 April, 2020] approved 14 Community Radio station for installation, broadcast and operation first time in Bangladesh. To ensure free flow of information and people's right to information government enacted Right to Information Act 2009. Community Radio approval is a strong step to empower rural people in this regard.
BNNRC provided technical assistance to around 200 organizations in the community radio application process through a National Help Desk on Community Radio in BNNRC Secretariat in Dhaka. Through this experience we have felt that a pro active institution should be activated to create necessary human resource, research and development and technical cooperation for Community Radio in Bangladesh. In this backdrop, BNNRC has established Community Radio Academy (CRA). The Academy is going to organize community radio related training, research, technical assistance and other support round the year to Community Radio Initiators.
We hope community radio will be the alternative and strongly effective mass media for the rural disadvantaged population to express their thoughts in their own voice using their own style.

In this backdrop, we invite you to provide technical Assistance on Community Radio initiative in Bangladesh.