Big Data Stories, Open Data on the Web & Mobile Data - #DataDigest

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If you are looking for some practical examples of how big data relates to you have a look at the data digest this week. Guidelines for publishing open data sets is also provided along with a lot of papers and research on the generation and use of data. There is also some interesting insight on the importance of mobile data.
Big Data Applied
Big data at work: 12 stories about reinvention
Gigaom highlights 12 stories that show how big data is changing the way companies and other organisations operate to maximise their effectiveness. Case studies feature the use of big data by health insurers and car manufacturers. They show how it has helped ease traffic congestion, increased success in presidential campaigns and sports but also helped to drive social change.

Strata 2013: Yael Garten, "Big Data on Small Devices: Data Science goes Mobile"
This video of Yael Garten’s Strata presentation talks about how our online access to mobile, tablets and laptops has led to new and important touch points for products. She asks that organisations recognise the complexity of mobile data, invest in tracking and leverage the data to improve customer experience and the delivery of products.

Open Data
3 Guidelines for Publishing Your First Open Data Sets
Siri Anderson offers organisations 3 primary guidelines for publishing their first open data set in this Socrates post. However, she notes that programme goals and priorities can affect how this is done. She advises that organisations publish data sets that help fulfil their organization’s mission and goals, publish data that is already (or easily) available and organize and publish the information citizens and developers ask for.

Open Data on the Web
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Open Data Institute and the Open Knowledge Foundation recently held discussions on realizing the promise of open data to help prioritize W3C's agenda in the area of data on the Web. All papers received for the discussion have now been made available online.

Personal Data
If My Data Is an Open Book, Why Can’t I Read It?
In this New York Times post Natasha Singer talks about the fact that while companies gather data on individuals, individuals can’t get their hands on their data. However, though not the norm a few companies have started sharing customer information along with the tools to use it. Additionally, INTEL recently introduced a “data economy” project, to encourage companies to think of consumers as participants in the information economy, and not just as data points. In this vein, was set up to examine information sharing obstacles.