A BIG Community Thank You to Amy Sample Ward

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Today is Amy's last day on the NetSquared team, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for her ongoing hard work and dedication to the NetSquared Community.



For the last two and a half years, Amy Sample Ward has been dedicated to growing and fostering the NetSquared Community. In her time here, she's grown the Net2 Local program to 80 cities, run numerous Challenges, incubated Camps, and written countless blog posts (among many, many other things!). Above all that, she's been a great friend and teacher to so many of us.

But, don't worry, she's not going too far! We're happy to share that she'll continue to be involved with the Community and continue her volunteer role as NetSquared Local organizer at NYC Tech4Good,

As part of her send-off, we invited you - the NetSquared Community members - to share thank you notes with her using the #ThanksAmy hashtag. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Below are some of the kind words people shared. Feel free to share a #ThankYou on Twitter, your own blog, or in the comments below!

  • Jessica Dally:‎ Just wanted to say #thanksamy for being such a rockstar and glad you'll still be very much in the #nonprofit arena. We <3 you!
  • Joe Solomon: Thank you @amyrsward for showing that you can't make big change without a big heart.
  • David Krumlauf‎: Loving all the #thanksamy tweets going to @amyrsward. We all love & respect you Amy! Looking forward to your new adventure :)
  • JD Lasica‎ I kind of think of N2 & @amyrsward as inseparable, so glad to see you're sticking with @netsquared.
  • Allison Fine‎ So happy for @amyrsward's new adventure, and so appreciative of what she's done for all of us @NetSquared & @TechSoup
  • Beth Kanter‎ Kudos to @amyrsward's amazing work at @NetSquared & @TechSoup, now moving new challenges #thanksamy #nptech #4change
  • Ivan Boothe: As @phlnet2 co-organizer, can't thank @amyrsward enough for her tireless devotion to community building & (offline!) social ntwks #thanksamy
  • Claire Sale‎: Seeing @amyrsward today reminds me how much I love working with such a fab, hardworking, and passionate leader.
  • Laney Strange: so happy to meet amy for the first time f2f! won't be the same around here without her. #thanksamy
  • NetTuesdayYVR: @amyrsward of @NetSquared has been a fabulous support for @NetTuesdayYVR We'll miss her!#ThanksAmy
  • Mazarine Treyz: She's singlehandedly responsible for helping me discover the power of social media way back in 2007. She helped me meet my boyfriend! (Who I Love very much!) And now, because she helped me get started, I'm writing my first book on social media, called "3-D Digital Reputation Engine." And I've gotten lots of money from consulting with people on how they can improve their social media presence. Not to mention I've sold books all over the world, thanks, in part, to what Amy taught me.
  • Ed Schipul: While sad @amyrsward is leaving Netsquared for NTEN, I'm also very grateful for her organizing these last few years. #ThanksAmy! #net2
  • Ana Wilem: I have been working with Amy a relatively short time, but have come to appreciate her professionalism and her willingness to think through somewhat complicated technical issues in a way that is intelligent and often times insightful.  Whenever a website is being developed, there is some gap that by definition exists between the stakeholders of an organization and the people who are performing the development work.  Sometimes, there is a need to have non-technical stakeholders grasp a highly technical concept in order to make an intelligent strategic decision regarding moving forward for the organization.  In my experience as a developer, those conversations can be difficult to have gracefully.  Amy has stuck it out with my endless logic loops and algorhytm-speak time
  • Dave Bower: RT @lourishment: We've won an award from Channel 4 and UnLtd! Woo hoo! http://bit.ly/gvTbYF #ThanksAmy …genuine thanks to her for pointing me in the direction of the wider social enterprise community. I hope whatever Amy does next is a great success, I can't imagine it will be anything but!
  • David Krumlauf: My dear friend Amy Sample Ward is leaving NetSquared to take on even more challenges in the wild and wonderful world of creating positive change. Amy is so kind, understand and tolerant that she can pose for a picture with guys like Bob Russell and Mark Horvath at #10NTC in Atlanta. #ThanksAmy for all you've done to make our world a much better place :-)
  • Steve Heye & John Merritt: A great connector creates a welcome environment & allows others to shine. @amyrsward is that person, #thanksamy (she's leaving netsquared)
  • Kim Nguyen: For being a social media inspiration #ThanksAmy
  • Jon Waddingham: For starting #NetTuesday in London and general all-round awesome nfp blogging, speaking and support #ThanksAmy http://bit.ly/eCNnFH
  • Megan Keane: We'll miss Amy @techsoup but glad her ceaseless energy, passion, and dedication to #nptech will continue in her new role @ntenorg #thanksamy
  • Laney Strange: Amy, it has been a pleasure getting to know you at TechSoup over the past few months. Even when I was brand-new to the team, you made me feel welcome and inspired to be a part of something exciting. I know NetSquared will never lose you completely, but it sure won't be the same around here with you. Go knock 'em dead at your new job. We'll miss you.
  • Alicja Peszkowska: We will miss you Amy! Thanks for the introduction to the social change driven by new technologies - you are a great mentor!
  • Laura Norvig: Thanks for all you've done for NetSquared, Amy. You really walk your talk with your creative implementation of online and offline collaboration and learning. Best of luck in all you do!
  • Chris Worman: Amy - we will miss you - your work in Romania was great and inspired some folks to social-media-themselves. Thanks and don't be a stranger.
  • Wendy Harman: Thanks Amy Sample Ward for being you. It's not easy to find food with you, but everything about working with you is. Best of luck on your new adventure - keep up the brilliance.
  • Ruxandra Popa: Dear Amy, thank you for the amazing support you've given to the TechSoup initiatives in Romania. You're just soo cool! 
  • Krzysztof Lubiniecki: Hey Amy! Well... thank you! For sharing your knowledge and passion.. and for having a lot of fun together in Romania and Poland :-) you know you are always welcome here. Keep up the good work, non-profit sector needs smart people like us.. I mean like you :-) / Kris
  • Piotr Wojciech Szotkowski: hear, hear! the Mexican place across the street might not be the most welcoming, but we’re ready to go and search some proper eating establishments, be it here in Warsaw, rural Romania or anywhere else. take care!
  • Nick Eyre: Hi Amy, it has been great to work with you. And you will be missed! Although hopefully you arent't going to far. We really appreciated and valued your time here in Poland working with the team. Good luck with your new venture. Nick
  • Dorota Dublanka Hi Amy, it was great to meet you. Good luck with your new venture and remember You have friends in Warsaw. Dorota
  • Beth Kanter: My friend and colleague Amy Sample Ward has done an amazing job of community stewardship for the Netsquared community over the years.   I learn something from Amy every day.   Sadly, this is her last day for this job and she’s moving on.    So, this post is an appreciation of her work, one of many voices in the community saying #ThanksAmy 
  • GuideStarIntl: @amyrsward - ThanksAmy for all your inspiring work at #Techsoup Globa
  • Ivan Boothe: When I heard Amy Sample Ward was moving on from NetSquared, where she has been a community builder — both virtually and, more importantly, in the real world (80 cities!) — I figured it was a good time to say thanks... Over the course of several conferences and workshops, I deeply appreciated the wide-ranging conversations Amy and I had on social change. I wish Amy the best of luck in the next phase of her work, and I am honored to call Amy a colleague, inspiration, and friend. (Read the full post)
  • phlnet2: #thanksamy for your upbeat and tolerant support for @netsquared questions/problems big and small. You're an inspiration.
  • GiveMN: @amyrsward THANK YOU Amy for connecting at #MNnptech and for your words of wisdom! #thanksamy 
  • Ashley Schweitzer: @amyrsward from me (and like everyone else in MN) #thanksamy for your work with @NetSquared and joining us for #mnnptech 
  • Ehon Chan: #ThanksAmy You're a gem in the social change & #nptech world - incredibly modest, humble & HELPFUL. I'm so grateful to call you friend! :) 
  • Peter Deitz: Enjoying the #thanksamy stream http://bit.ly/fT6be4 (expand ) Who couldn't be grateful to the bright spot that is @amyrsward. #thanksamy 
  • socialactions: #ThanksAmy For championing all things social media for social change during 2+ incredible years at @NetSquared. @amyrsward 
  • Frank Barry: Thank You Amy Sample Ward
  • Idealist: #ThanksAmy for your thoughtful blog posts about nonprofit tech and community building! http://amysampleward.org/ 
  • Gabriella: Best to Amy!
  • Matt S: Some of our best @net2dc speakers ever were directly referred to us by @amyrsward
  • JWeber617: Thank you Amy Sample Ward! #thanksamy We had a nice chat at #10NTC & always thought you seem like a good egg. All the best! @kanter 
  • Katie Laird: Thinking back on a great #tsg2011 experience last week - a highlight, getting to see @amyrsward in the flesh. Whadda' gal :) #ThanksAmy 
  • Kabissa: #thanksamy!!! :) We appreciate you! 
  • Danielle Brigida: Thank You Amy Sample Ward! via @kanter http://bit.ly/ejU6Uy (expand ) #thanksamy! You rock and have done sooo much for the community! 
  • Daniel Ben Horin: #ThanksAmy Amy Sample Ward - you have helped TSG and N2 get better. Looking forward to collaborating with you and The Holly at NTEN