NetSquared Adelaide: Testing the Social Media Surgery waters

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While we’ve had a number of great speakers coming to talk about how social media can be used for social good at our events, sometimes you just need time to sit down with someone and talk it out.

Wednesday, 27 June saw NetSquared Adelaide run our first Social Media Surgery. A new format, new venue and first event in a number of months meant that we were expecting smaller numbers. NetSquared Adelaide is a community of people looking at how local organisations can use the social web for social good.

What’s a social media surgery? Starting in the United Kingdom, Social Media Surgeries offer an informal space for local community and not-for-profit organisations can find help with building their social media presence.

Despite only having a handful of people come along, we had some great conversations and helped people explore the possibilities of using social media and online tools for social good. We talked about social media for libraries, ESL groups, arts, writers and more.

Three take-aways from our test run

Here are a few things we learned about running a Social Media Surgery:

Have the right venue

In Adelaide, we’ve discovered a great venue. It’s a community centre called The Box Factory and it’s just about perfect. Here’s why:

  • Open 4pm-9pm Monday to Friday
  • Plenty of parking
  • Multiple rooms
  • Only $15 per meeting to cover insurance
  • Kitchen area for tea/coffee breaks
  • Free WiFi

Practical examples spark those ‘a-ha’ moments

When it comes to explaining social media, a lot of time can be saved by simply showing examples of what can be done. This means having a few great examples up your sleeve (e.g. World Vision Australia for their Facebook Timeline or City of Salisbury for a wider community social campaign).

Switch it up for different perspectives

We ended up having more surgeons than we needed, but it worked out well as each ‘patient’ had two surgeons that could give insights into their situation. We also offered a couple of ‘networking’ times so ‘patients’ could get talk to other ‘surgeons’ so they could get some new ideas.

Next social media surgery?

We’re currently in the planning stages for our next social media surgery later this year. Our surgeons are ready to go.