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Getting Results from High-Skills Based Volunteers

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In tough economic times marked by cuts in funding, many nonprofits remain in need of technology and business solutions that are beyond their grasp. According to the Community Corps, 40% of the 1.5 million U.S. based nonprofits claim to lack the technology they need to effectively serve their constituents. 

The Power of Limited-term Volunteering

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In the summer of 1998, I signed up for a three-week long volunteer project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. As part of a small team, I helped refurbish a house that was home to about 15 Native American children (ages 13 months to 16 years). They were facing issues ranging from fetal alcohol syndrome to abuse and neglect. 

Visualizing The World's Seven Billion

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This week, the world’s population reached a staggering 7 billion people. In a new campaign to raise awareness about the challenges -- and opportunities -- in a world of 7 billion, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has urged the world to take action to reduce the disparities in which hundreds of millions of people in developing and least developed nations lack the most basic ingredients for a decent life.

NetSquared: Deepening Relationships on the Social Web

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One of the things that excites me about being part of the NetSquared community, and particularly about NetSquared Local, is that it engenders spaces where digital innovation actualizes the potential of the social web to address critical social problems offline. In the process, it is also deepening and strengthening - rather than weakening or diluting - the relationships and connections the social web affords us.


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