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Democratizing Digital Activism: Tools for Turning Information into Action

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Is digital activism truly democratic? While encouraged by great examples of digital activism in action, I remained uneasy with universalizing narratives about an equal, liberating and benevolent digital frontier.

Is the social change potential of digital realizable in the same way for everyone, everywhere? Can local communities, especially ones that have been historically marginalized, use digital tools to solve chronic problems such as poverty, political persecution, and racism, offline? Or do we just leave this important business to the big names in the social change market (i.e. large NGOs and the digital experts hired by those organizations)?

Powered by WordPress: A Do-It-Yourself Guide - Part 2

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In Part 1 of this series we covered the basics of a WordPress Do-it-Yourself (WP DIY) project. In this post we will take a deeper dive and cover WP hosting, installation, themes and plugins.

As mentioned in the first post, there is an almost overwhelming amount of WP resources on the web. Our goal is to provide some simple, effective WP DIY guidelines and in addition, point to select resources we have found to be useful. i.e. not overwhelm you.

Powered by WordPress: A Do-It-Yourself Guide-Part 1

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As someone who just launched their first WordPress website, I’ll just come out and say this without hesitation. WordPress is impressive! If you are looking to do-it-yourself (DIY) and build a small business website, an online portfolio of your work, a blog dedicated to your dog or just trying to impress family and friends with your web talent, you need not look much further.

The Future of Web Design

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Any conversation about the future of web design has to come to terms with a fundamental and rapid shift in the way we view the web. By 2014, mobile Internet usage will surpass desktop usage. And from desktops and laptops to smart phones and tablets of differing sizes and resolutions, viewing device options are also growing at an increasingly steady rate.

For web designers and developers, it simply won’t work to build websites for just one or two types of devices, and the days of checking your site in a few web browsers and launching are long gone.

What do these hacks have in common?

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This month our friends at Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) led a global hack for humanity, bringing together close to 1,000 people to hack for social good in over 28 cities including Warsaw, where they worked in close collaboration with NetSquared and Fundacja TechSoup. Technologists teamed up with subject-matter experts to solve a wide range of social and environmental problems by building software applications.

Working With Technical Volunteers

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Elliot Harmon, Staff Writer at TechSoup recently wrote a great, information-packed blog post that we want to share to wrap up our series on human capital. Our goal was to share tips, resources and examples of how civil society organizations can best tap into the human capital potential.  In this post Elliot shares key ingredients to make technology volunteering projects successful as well as some additional useful tips and resources. 

-- Originally posted on the TechSoup Blog --

Better Problems for Better Solutions

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You got a problem with something? Great, because we want it! No, we’re not kidding.

These days the need for technical talent could not be greater in the social benefit sector. In tough economic times, many nonprofits trying to build their capacity remain in need of technology solutions that are beyond their budgets. Pro-bono services from technology volunteers are a great way to put some serious talent to work for you. 

How to Manage Human Capital: Tips and Resources for Nonprofits

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Continuing our series on how nonprofit organizations can tap into the human capital potential, I thought it might be helpful to pull together some resources that will help nonprofits avoid common pitfalls and follow best practices when working with volunteers.

Whether you are a nonprofit just starting to use human capital or have already established internal structures to manage your volunteers, engaging them in meaningful and productive ways can be both rewarding and challenging. 


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