Attend a Workshop to Help Develop the ISHub 2.0

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The IS Hub is a collaborative concept that, when achieved, will create a cohesive network of web platforms to help improve the lives of people all over the world.  You are invited to collaborate at an upcoming workshop on April 8 in Utrecht to help shape the future of this technology. The goal of the workshop is to share the IS Hub externally to find people to help develop it further. Rooted in the 2.0 philosophy, the organizers hope that by sharing the idea they can join forces to create something extraordinary.

Here is an explanation of the IS Hub from the workshop coordinators:

Imagine there is a platform, where a certain Jessica from, let's say, Uganda, can easily share her story. Imagine she can also see on the platform where in her direct surroundings others are working on similar issues. And then imagine she can use the services of various parties on that platform, without ever having to register for another account.

Already many web platforms exist to (help) improve the lives of people elsewhere. But those sites are operating in relative isolation: users, projects, news, knowledge, contacts, fund raising. There is not (yet) a lot of cohesion.

And that is exactly what we envision: connecting the platforms by developing joint standards – so that Jessica can more easily access the tools to improve the lives of herself and those in her community.

How will it do that?

  • It collects the right information from participating platforms and external sources;
  • It combines that information into aggregated results, and infers new relations from it;
  • It makes the results available to all platforms, as well as for widgets and third-party applications.

What are the goals of the workshop?

  • a first draft roadmap for technical standardisation; answering the question what relevant initiatives, projects and developments are already taking place; and make a first selection of standards for participating platforms;
  • create an inventory of available projects within one specific country, namely Uganda; create mockups and drafts of how services can then work for Jessica;
  • set up an online workspace to collect abovementioned information en enable more people to join and co-create this;
  • build a working 'aggregator' based on ProjectRSS, with input from a couple of IS 2.0 platforms, to demonstrate how it works.

Count me in! How do I sign up?

The workshop will be on April 8 in Utrecht. You can learn more on the workshop wiki and you can register on Linkedin.