Attend the Women Who Tech Telesummit for Women in Technology

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On September 15, the Women Who Tech Telesummit will bring together talented women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy to transform the world and inspire change. Hundreds of women from across the US and abroad in the non-profit, political and business world will be participating and Panelists include women on the forefront of social change and technology. 


Panelists include a “who’s who” of the forefront of social change and technological progress, among them: Mary Hodder, Technologist and Founder of of, Beth Kanter of Zoetica Media, author Clay Shirky, Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder of BlogHer, Rashmi Sinha, Co-Founder of SlideShare, Connie Reece, Co-Founder of Social Media Club, Amy Sample Ward of NetSquared, Kaliya Hamlin of Shes Geeky, Genevieve Bell of Intel, Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, Irene Au of Google, Lynne D. Johnson of the Advertising Research Foundation and Tara Hunt, author of the Whuffie Factor.


Sessions include:

  • Launching Your Own Startup
  • Self Promotion: Is This Really a Rant About Gender
  • Social Media ROI
  • Women and Open Source Identity
  • and more