Archiving Pages Content

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Meetup is updating their look and feel for all members on Thursday, November 30. The biggest change is the removal of the old "Pages" functionality. Most NetSquared groups don't use this feature, but if you do you have until Thursday to archive all content. Otherwise it will be lost. 

I've outlined some solutions to the problem in this 90 second video.

Archiving Pages Content

To view your old Pages content you need to turn off the preview of the new group experience here: This will allow you to view the "old" version of the Meetup group where you can find the "Pages" tab.

I suggest you copy and paste the content into a document for archiving. 

What Should You Do Now that Pages Are Going Away?

  1. If you have your own group website add the content there OR
  2. Post the content to your group page on If you need access to edit your group page on email Eli for help.

My apologies for the short notice. I'm very excited about the new features coming to, but all change brings some challenges too.