April NetSquared Events in Your Community

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#14NTC Headstands - featuring #net2 & #nten organizers

NetSquared’s global network of volunteers will be organizing more than 30 events this April in communities as diverse as Mukono, Uganda; Wellington, New Zealand; and Boston, USA. We organize these free tech-for-good training and networking gatherings because we believe that it’s critical to build strong, self-sufficient communities of nonprofit tech practitioners. Plus, it’s always good to get together with your tribe and act a bit silly

Need evidence: this photo of Net2 organizers Mel Findlater, Stephen Blyth, Jeremy Foreman, Birgit Pauli-Haack, Roshani Kothari, and NTEN’s Megan Keane was taken in Washington, DC during 14NTC. That’s what happens when you gather the #nptech tribe together!

So join your local NetSquared group and start participating in the fun. And if you don’t have a local group we’ll help you start your own.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 3

Sunday, April 6

Monday, April 7

Tuesday, April 8

Wednesday, April 9

Thursday, April 10

Monday, April 14

Tuesday, April 15

Wednesday, April 16

Thursday, April 17

Monday, April 21

Tuesday, April 22

Wednesday, April 23

Thursday, April 24

Sunday, April 27

Monday, April 28

Wednesday, April 30

That’s all for now. See you soon!

Photo Credit: NetSquared/Joyce, creative commons on Flickr.