Announcing #NPTechChat, a new Global Twitter-Chat for social change activists

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#nptechchat twitter chat

TechSoup Global and NetSquared are excited to announce the inaugural #NPTechChat. Join TechSoup Global, the UN Foundation and +SocialGood for the first #NPTechChat Twitter chat on how technology is increasing access to healthcare and improving community health.

#NPTechChat is a new, monthly Twitter-chat series created for social change activists and focused on topics relating to how to reduce barriers and increase  impact using technology around the globe.

On the heels of the 68th World Health Assembly in Geneva #WHA68, we tackle how technology and innovation are changing the health landscape.

WHEN : Join us on May 27 at 10am PST/1pm EST.

WHERE: Tune in by following along at #NPTechChat.


WHO: Participants will include:

  • Serving 127 countries, TechSoup Global is an international network of 62 NGOs, that leverages technology to build nonprofit capacity and help solve social problems locally and globally. @TechSoup
  • Chris Worman, Senior Director, Global Media. TechSoup. @ChrisWorman
  • Sheila Warren, VP Strategic Alliances, General Counsel, NGOsource/Techsoup Global. @sheila_warren
  • Dara Westling, VP, Alliances and Global Media, TechSoup. @darawestling
  • Lewis Haidt, Senior Online Community and Social Media Manager, @lewisha
  • The United Nations Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources with the United Nations. @unfoundation
  • +SocialGood has over 40,000 fans, followers, and members, representing over 140 countries. It’s an international community where digital innovators, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, change makers, and global citizens come together to share world-changing ideas and catalyze action. The online community platform empowers the new, connected generation to work together to find, develop, share, and advocate for solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. @plus_socialgood

WHAT: We'll be discussing these questions relating to the community health and technology.

  • What role does innovation and technology play in achieving the goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all ages?
  • How is innovation and technology changing access to health services/the way health services are provided, especially in the developing world?
  • What technology are you using to improve your community’s health?
    • What mobile tools/apps are you using?
    • What free tools are you using?
  • What are the biggest global health challenges and how can we use technology to address them?
  • What have been the biggest success stories of technology being used to further global health?

See you at #NPTechChat.