New Report from Knight Foundation: Contest-Driven Innovation

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knight foundation reportThe John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, a foundation focused on "opportunities that can transform both communities and journalism, and help them reach their highest potential," and is known throughout the social impact sector in large part from the Knight News Challenge, first launched in 2006.  Knight recently released a study, conducted by Arabella Advisors, examining, profiling and comparing various methods for online contests spurring innovation in the media, information and communication fields.  The study was originally intended to shed light on best practices and opportunities to improve the Knight News Challenge, but it provides an excellent overview for any organization or individual interested in contest-driven innovation.

We are proud to say that NetSquared's Challenge model is considered to be a model of it's own!

The "Media, Information and Communication Contests" report lists NetSquared's Challenge model as a stand-alone category.  This is a great example of the same story we told in our recent white paper: "Building Community to Foster Social Innovation".  What we believe makes NetSquared as a global organization, and the Challenge model we use for our open innovation competitions unique is our focus on community participation, collaboration and continued support to Projects. We are honored to be included in such a valuable landscape analysis and think that it is proof the NetSquared Community can and is driving for real impact. 

Thank you to all those who have participated in Challenges—whether you are a Project team, a collaborator, voter, or funder—for helping us develop and refine the Challenge model to match the surface innovative Projects around the world.  You are truly the ones behind the success of all NetSquared's Challenges!

>> Download: Media, Information and Communication Contests: An Analysis (PDF)