NetSquared White Paper: Building Community to Foster Social Innovation

Amy Sample Ward's picture

Here at NetSquared we are proud, honored, and in awe every day of the very special global community made up of local groups and their networks, the ties between local groups around the world, and the project teams from all over the globe focused on innovations that help us make the world a better place.  Reflecting on the Community and the work being done in every corner of the world, we've tried to articulate some of the aspects that make the NetSquared Community so unique and also so powerful.

This new white paper captures just a few of the stories and the qualities that make up the special place where we all come together.  Whether it's small communities coming together offline to train and share knowledge about using technology or it's innovation projects competing in the same contest working together instead - we hope you'll find this short paper compelling and share it with your networks.  We hope you'll add your story to the mix, too!

You can download the paper directly here.