Net2 Think Tank Round-Up: Best of 2009

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As a way to hold on a bit longer to 2009, this month's Net2 Think Tank asked for your best blog post from the year.  We know you wrote about some really interesting things, shared great ideas and even captured conversations and presentations on your blog or website this year.  And we want to put those great posts back in the spotlight one more time before 2010!

Rediscover some of the best blog posts from this year!

We recieved many great contributions this month and are really excited to share them with you.  Use the links below to find the posts in full and join the conversations in the comments.  Did you forget to submit your contribution?  That's okay - you can share a link to your best post of 2009 in the comments below!

5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy from Amy Sample Ward

"Social media, as many have said time and again, is only part of your campaigning, part of your fundraising, and part of your communications.  It isn’t something that lives in its own department, nor does it have staff that are separate from the rest of the organization.  Just as the content distributed and conversations participated in are integrated into many different aspects of your organization’s work, so should the knowledge, access and responsibility to participate be integrated across your staff."

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs from Britt Bravo

"Next week I'll be teaching a session about blogging during a nonprofit social media webinar, We Are Media, presented by NTEN. As part of my preparation, it seems like a good time to update my 2006 post, 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Us Blogs, and my 2007 post, 10 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs and Bloggers to Support Their Cause.  I've consolidated down to 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs, and added new examples."

Can You Shift Your Organizational Culture by Introducing Social Media? from Joitske Hulsebosch

"I once asked on twitter whether the exchange on twitter is not similar to the chats with your co-located workers. Someone replied that is it not, that on twitter people are far more open to sharing and helping each other. This started me thinking about the fact that introducing an internal twitter system would NOT make people share."

Dashboards: Track Your Organizational Progress from Karl Hedstrom

"NTEN's Dashboard is a snapshot of our many different program areas and associated goals. By tracking specific data related to our Memberships, Events, Website, and a few other areas, we can use the Dashboard to see at a glance where we ARE, where we WERE, and where we SHOULD BE (and sometimes even where we're GOING).  If your organization hasn't spent much time developing a dashboard, let our experience be your guide."

Fab Lab and Do-It-Yourself Infastructure Building from Elliot Harmon

"Over the past 18 months or so, antennas have been appearing around Jalalabad, a former Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. Of the ways in which it differs from a traditional wireless access point, the most profound is that it lacks an electronics company logo. It wasn't created by a government either, but it could become the new symbol of infrastructure rebuilding in Afghanistan and around the world."

Five Trends for the Tens - from Mark Charmer

"There are some really important changes going on that will shape the process of designing cities, and how we move and interact in them, over the next decade."

Greatest Loss of 2009: Social Capital from Allison Fine

"Yesterday, my friend Katya Andresen, the magnificent brains behind Katya’as Nonprofit Marketing Blog and the book Robin Hood Marketing, posed this question to me on Twitter:  @Afine one in ten arts orgs are on the brink of collapse but movie attendance up – is this a marketing problem?  Katya ws responding to a report yesterday from the AP that Bob Lynch, the President of Americans for the Arts estimated that 10,000 arts organizations will close this year, 10% of the total number."

The Max Baucus Health Care Lobbyist Complex from The Sunlight Foundation

"As the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Max Baucus is at the center of the congressional effort to craft health care reform legislation, a top priority of President Barack Obama. The Baucus-headed Finance Committee has been singled out by advocates and news organizations as the toughest obstacle for the President’s health care priorities. Containing more moderate and conservative members may not be the only reason. The committee is packed with lawmakers who have close ties to the health care and insurance industries, receiving large campaign contributions as their former staffers turn around to lobby for the very interests whose issues — in this case health care — they previously worked on. Baucus, as chair, stands out in particular."

My Summer on the Jack Johnson Tour - from Nicole Parisi-Smith 

"During the summer of 2008, as a volunteer for the nonpartisan nonprofit HeadCount, I ran a voter registration drive on Jack Johnson's Sleep Through The Static Tour."

Thank You - Social Media Document for Employees from David Neff

"I get a lot of requests for this so I thought I would THANK YOU all by sharing it. This is the “Social Media Guidelines for Employees” that I helped create while I was at my last non profit  job. Please enjoy and feel free to edit it to make your own!"

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