Last Chance: Submit your ideas for collaborative technologies!

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FACT Challenge logoWhether you are a technologist or a changemaker, an entrepreneur or innovator - from any country around the world - we're looking for your ideas! Social justice covers all sorts of issues, like human rights, equality, and livability; and we see web and mobile-based collaborative technologies offering tremendous opportunity to support social justice work. This is the last week to submit a Project idea to the FACT Social Justice Challenge - winners receive cash and support to build their tools!

Submissions close Oct 4th - Share your idea today!

The Fact Social Justice Challenge

Our Challenge theme this year is “Collaborate for Social Justice." We chose this theme because beneath all the new platforms, widgets, tools, social media, and innovative products lies the potential for people to collaborate in new ways with one another.

The FACT Challenge seeks to surface innovative Projects that leverage web and/or mobile technologies to foster collaboration around social justice issues.

How to Submit?

Sumissions close October 4th and 5 pm PST.  You can edit your Project idea after submitting it, up until the closing time!

Follow these simple steps to submit a Project to the FACT Challenge!

Other ways to get involved:

There are loads of other ways to support Social Justice causes by getting involved with the FACT Challenge. It's a great opportunity for funding, publicity, and resource - so please help us to make sure everyone who could benefit has the opportunity to submit!

  • We encourage you to comment on Projects to give the creators ideas and suggestions for ways to move forward. You can also offer to help or support them through the site. (Go here and click "FACT Social Justice (2010) to see a full listing of Projects)
  • You can also post a tweet or write a blog post to help us get the word out. Here is an announcement tweet and an announcement blog post from us that you're welcome to share or re-post. 
  • We also encourage you to help us by sending emails to any friends or colleagues who may be interested in getting involved!

Share, submit and support - participate in the FACT Challenge today!


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