How to Vote: Help Select the FACT Challenge Featured Projects

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The public voting process is intended to empower the community to identify the Projects with the most potential for social impact. This guide covers every step of the voting process, but if you ever have questions you can contact us at

Voting is open from October 11 at 12pm Pacific time and ends October 15 at 5pm Pacific Time.

To avoid a popularity contest, we ask all voters to vote for at least (3) and up to (5)  Projects. 
Please use the guidelines below to get started:

  1. Create an account and log in
  2. Visit the "Projects" tab
  3. Browse the Project Gallery
  4. Vote for your favorite 3-5 Projects
  5. Verify your vote in the ballot box
  6. Make changes to your ballot
  7. Cast your ballot

How to vote

  1. Create an account and log in: If you have not already done so, please register and log in to the NetSquared site.
  2. Visit the Project Gallery: Visit the NetSquared Project Gallery to view all of the Projects from this and other Challenges. During the voting period, this page will default to show only the FACT Challenge submissions.
  3. Browse and Learn: Scroll through the pages to view the names of each of the Projects. Click on the Project name to expand the box and explore more options including learning more about the Project, becoming a fan, providing feedback, and voting.
  4. Vote for your Favorites: When you click on the Project name in the Gallery, you will also see the ballot area. Vote for a Project by selecting the "Vote for this Project" box. We ask all voters to vote for at least (3) and up to (5) of your favorite Projects.
  5. Verify your vote: To verify that your vote has been made properly, scroll to the top of your page. Your full ballot is listed in the FACT Social Justice box.
  6. Making changes to your ballot: You will be able to edit your ballot at any time during the voting period. This includes adding or removing Projects. To remove a Project that has been added to your ballot click on the "remove" link in your ballot box.
  7. Cast your ballot: Voting will be automatically tabulated after the voting period closes. Ballots are only valid if they include 3-5 Projects at the close of the voting period on October 15 at 5pm Pacific Time.
Voting is open from October 11 at 12pm Pacific time and ends October 15 at 5pm Pacific Time.

About Voting

The Community Vote will identify the 15 Featured Projects to be announced on October 18, 2010. After the NetSquared community voting closes, a panel of three expert judges will review these Featured Projects and determine the five Winning Projects. The five Winners will be announced on or near October 20, 2010 on the NetSquared blog. You can review the full Challenge process , the Judging Criteria, or FACT Challenge overview for more information about the FACT Social Justice Challenge.


If you have any questions or need any help with participating in the Challenge or casting your ballot, just let us know at