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 A hungry man they say is an angry man. Hunger is a craving that needs to be met with adequate supplies of food. Any imbalance in the way people or nature endows or takes away the possibility to meet these needs leads to Chaos in every society.

We can read about former civilizations when FIRE used to be at the center for conflicts. The person possessing fire attracted both the ire and attention of those without it..Having Fire meant being able to cook your meals and enjoy it, and the absence of same meant eating raw food and being unhealthy..Then it was salt, and then the mirror...the list is long.

Today , the shortage of food doesnt mean inexistence of food,: it merely emphasizes a lack of know how to" pass the buck around" as it were and enable others get susbsistence  from the excesses that one group enjoys against the others..This unequal distribution often leads to anger, and sets the stage for crime levels to increase , just so that the deprived can satisfy this basic human craving enshrined in the statutes of Human Right Declarations.

Support AMIS-CAMEROON continue its crusade against the unequal distribution of food,

Support AMIS-CAMEROON continue its provision of educative Information to Farmers on Profitable Farming Practices

Support AMIS-CAMEROON pursue its Mission as the forerunners of a  new supply demand revolution that creates health and wealth for farmers and consumers

Support AMIS-CAMEROON today with your vital vote before the voting curfew is announced

Support AMIS-CAMEROON tomorrow and enable hard working farmers find joy and respect in a profession that is as old as time

Support, and think of AMIS-CAMEROON every time you eat a decent meal, because somewhere someone might just be craving for information to eat to satisfaction like you.

Together we can make this happen.

Thank you ALL for your support.

Tambe Harry