Graduate scholarships for community leadership, social activism, social change

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Saybrook Graduate School has $20,000 in Community Leadership Scholarships for new M.A. or Ph.D. students with outstanding leadership in community service, social engagement, advocacy, activism, or outstanding professional practice.   The renewable awards are applicable toward Saybrook's degree programs of Psychology, Organizational Systems or Human Science. Applicants should apply by May 1, 2007 and see visit our website at for more information or contact

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center is a non-profit, distance education institution offering M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology, Organizational Systems and Human Science. Grounded in the humanistic tradition and values, Saybrook's mission honors the human capacity for choice and growth and encourages each student to reach their highest levels of personal development and potential. For more information, visit, or if you're interested, email