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In The Fields – Community Driven Innovation Hits The Road in Poland

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Did you know that TechSoup Global has its European Headquaters in Warsaw, Poland? The office known under the name of Fundacja TechSoup plays both the role of the European hub, and an independent Polish nonprofit. Billy Bicket and Laney Strange are currently visiting Fundacja TechSoup’s Office in Poland. In an effort to understand the local reality and therefore be able to develop new programs and projects that would be actually community driven, the CDI team went to interview NGOs in the Polish countryside.

The Art of Social Change – Why You Should Care

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The European Congress of Culture that just ended in Wroclaw, Poland, has been one of the most important European events during this year’s Polish presidency in the EU. Run with impetus, packed with intellectual and artistic personalities, the congress made an attempt to highlight Europe's most important art initiatives. What about this cultural project could be interesting in the context of the NetSquared Community?

Manufacturing Change: Creating Impact with Skilled Virtual Volunteers

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Daniel James Paterson is a social entrepreneur and innovator who founded the recently launched is an NGO that enables volunteers with specific skills to solve problems online for manufactures in developing countries. I have been closely watching the launch of the site and would like to shine a light on the organization’s innovative approach to social change. Take a look at the interview below to learn more about Daniel,’s activities, and how to support their work.


Is Social Media to Blame For The UK Riots?

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The recent UK riots took place between 6 and 10 August 2011 in cities and towns across England, including several boroughs of London. The riots were supposedly provoked by the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by Metropolitan Police two days before the riots began. Although I’d say that the main characteristics of the riots, like any spontaneous and grass root movements,  were those of chaos and randomness, the rioters were somehow organized as the riots spread all over the English cities. The blame for enabling rioters to gather and communicate in real time   has been put on social media.

TechSoup webinar: Endpoint-Level Security at Your Library or Nonprofit

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Security protection is one of the biggest technology concerns for libraries and nonprofits. During this webinar, Symantec representative Andrew Singer will discuss some of the threats facing your nonprofit or library, and the enterprise-level security you can deploy, such as Symantec's Endpoint Protection, to help to better protect your organization.

This webinar is suited for nonprofits and public libraries in the United States concerned with information security at their organizations.

TechSoup Webinar: Free Windows 7 Curriculum. Basic Computer Training at Your Library or Nonprofit

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Struggling to provide jargon-free, basic computer training for an adult audience?  The My PC Series, a free online curriculum, aims to make this challenge a bit easier. 

This webinar features My PC program manager Todd Watts, and includes background on using Windows 7 and Windows Live Essentials to teach basic computer and photo-editing skills. We’ll also highlight lessons and resources offered with the My PC Series. The webinar will strive to help you understand how the My PC curriculum could be applied at your library or organization.  


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