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A Cartoon? Looking Forward To The Net2 All Stars Submissions!

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Last week we have launched an invitational challenge on our beta site. We want to follow-up on the projects submitted to NetSquared Challenges. We are digging for your stories, and we want them filmed!

You have probably heard about one image being worth a thousand words -- that may be debatable. However, what is unquestionable, is that many people will rather watch your story than read it, especially if we are talking about the International Net2 audience.

Restart Romania Challenge: Universal Models And Why They’re Unique/ Towards a Network of Collaboration

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As you might have already read in the NetSquared team authored posts (#RestartRomania), on the site, or on the Personal Democracy Forum website, TechSoup Romania recently wrapped-up a successful web-based social justice challenge. My post appears as another in the Restart Romania series, and will focus on an important lesson learned: the international reach and local impact thing is actually pretty tricky. The Net2 team and TechSoup Romania teamed up for this case study, and we are already learning from the experience and starting to master the skill.

Net2 All-Star Invitational - Share your story and use your expertise to inspire others!

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Have you ever posted a project to the NetSquared Project Gallery? Maybe submitted one to a NetSquared Challenge? Here at Net2, we are crazy in-love with these projects. We've found them inspiring and absolutely amazing, and I hope that you have too!

We're inviting all Net2 project "alumni" to enter the Net2 All-Star Invitational! We are looking for short (60-90 seconds) videos capturing  your achievements and the social impact of your project.  We want to hear -- and share -- your story. What's been happening with your projects and ideas since you created your project, or entered a Net2 Challenge? Tell the world about it! Make a video and enter the Invitational


Enter the One World Social Media Competition!

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Are you working on a project that aims to use technology, Internet applications and social media to fight corruption, protect human rights, or fight intolerance? Enter the One World Social Media Competition, share what you achieved and inspire others! The submission deadline is December 15, 2011.


The Social Life Of A Revolution

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There has already been one post on the NetSquared Blog concerning the revolution I want to write about. “Remixing The Web for Occupy The Wall Street” focused on the social media tools and techniques that the US protesters are making use of: “it is clear that [Occupy The Wall Street] represents a new form of protest in the digital age” wrote my colleague Trenton DuVal. What is so new about it? I’d dare say that it represents one of the most fascinating, and certainly the most horizontal (international and hierarchy-free) examples of a self organized community. I’d like to add to the previous article by focusing on the wider social aspects and implications of the entire movement.


Interview With Paula Brantner: Using Social Media Expertise To Drive The Passion

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Paula Brantner is a lawyer, writer, editor, blogger, and a legal content maven. She is also one of the NetSquared Local organizers running the NetSquared Local group in Washington DC, US.  Among her many activities, Paula also finds time to actively engage with DC Rollergirls, the US Capital Region’s first women’s flat-track roller derby league. DC Rollergirls is a non-profit organization run entirely by the skaters and volunteers, who contribute their free time and talents to manage the business side of the league.

How To Rock A (Campus) Party? - A Summary Of Campus Party Milenio

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A group of people sits on white sofas in a co-working space of Campus Party. Everyone has at least one laptop on their knees. A lot of gesticulating is involved, they switch from Catalan to Spanish to allow others to listen. You can sense the excitement as they are feedbacking each other’s projects, talking about the future of the ICT market in Spain, and analyzing the emerging working culture. “In Google you can spend 20% of your time working on your own projects, you know” – cries one of them. “At least this is what they say” - claims the other.  It is long past midnight.


Are Innovators The Misfits?


Campus Party Milenio – take #2

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After a night of staying up late and sleeping in pup tents, I saw a lot of campuseros early this morning with half-closed eyes desperately trying to find some coffee at Campus Party. They have put themselves together though, and by the time the grand opening took place later this morning, everyone gathered in the main hall taking pictures of the prince and princess of Asturias and mingling with the crowd of political officials, military officers, and security guards.

How Did It (all) Start?

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Campus Party is a 7-day, 24-hour festival connecting online communities, gamers, programmers, bloggers, governments, universities and students, and has a broad focus covering technology innovation and entertainment with an emphasis on social change. Founded in 1997 as a gaming and demoscene event, Campus Party has a goal of bringing together the best talents in areas around technology and innovation.


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