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Extending the deadline for the Net2 All Stars Submissions!

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Net2 All Stars has been an experiment for us. We want to learn more about you -- as much as the Invitational has the structure of a challenge, it is just a different way of an online and transparent sharing.  And so we are pushing the submissions deadline to December 15. We want more, and we will be impatiently waiting for your stories! It is not all about winning, but remember that we do have some prizes lined up:

  • Always Comes in Handy: $500 Cash
  • Your Name in Lights: Exclusive Project Placement on the New Net2
  • Take It to the Next Level: Professional Project Consulting

Did You Miss It? Time Is Running Out -- Enter The Net2 All Stars Invitational

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“NetSquared gave our project quite a boost” -- starts the Open Green Map Video submitted to the Net2 All Stars Invitational. Over 90 seconds, we see a great speech by the project’s representative. She explains how the project has grown over the years, speaks about its current focus and future plans. We love it!

Sound like something you could do? We think so.

Submissions for Net2 All Stars Invitational close this Saturday, Dec 10. so do not hesitate! 
Feel like it’s too late for a video? Remember that we have another option for you!
Tell us what your idea for a social problem that could be addressed by technology is, and we will help you in framing it and making it actionable. Devote 10 minutes of your time and creativity -- your problems might get solved!

Looking forward to your submissions. One can do plenty in 24 hours :)

What Did We Hack? Random Hacks Of Kindness Warsaw

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The very first Polish edition of Random Hacks of Kindness Warsaw took place this weekend. started on Saturday, December the 3rd with ideas pitching. During the entire weekend teams were formed, community driven ideas developed and technical solutions created. The hackathon  finished on Sunday with 8 presentations of tech for social change projects and prize announcements. 

Social Hacking in Poland -- Case Study

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You may have read about how Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) will be spreading to different world locations in the upcoming days of early December. In this post I would like to shine a little light on how the idea of organizing Random Hacks of Kindndess Warsaw (to happen this weekend) came to life. This initiative constitutes a very interesting, geo-specific example of how a community of practice can develop and grow organically.

TechSoup Webinar: Training an Invisible Audience -- Delivering Effective Webinars

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Interested in delivering webinars, but don't know where to start?  Join our webinar, Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars, on Thursday, December 8 at 11am Pacific time.

During this one-hour event, you will hear from TechSoup webinar program manager Kyla Hunt and independent library consultant, author, and trainer Stephanie Gerding on the basics of providing effective webinars.

Some questions addressed will be:


Want to do something good? Us, too.

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The NetSquared mission is to mix new technologies and social change. How? By connecting people, ideas and enabling discussion. Sounds reasonable and easy, doesn’t it? After all, this concept has its roots in the same idea as many innovation driven offline events have -- camps, hackathons and unconferences – it aims to facilitate discussion rather than to impose certain thoughts and topics on a community. Although these new innovative models seem open, natural, and undefined, they actually call for a lot more planning. 


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