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Off We Go Folks, But That Is Not “All”

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The official Net2 Global Leadership Council meetings are over. But not really. We hope to be able to build on the energy and the potential sparked by the few days meeting. We hope to translate everything we talked through into action. Will we fail? It is possible, but we should try doing it fast. And then -- do it again. In the end one of the few things we did establish, is that it is worth trying.

The Bread and Butter

What it seems that we have focused on during the GLC was to understand and establish where we are. How did NetSquared start? What is a “it is complicated” relationship with TechSoup Global? What keeps the Net2 community and its leaders going? What are the Net2 staff plans and dreams? I feel like the questions we kept asking got us rather confused than focused. It doesn’t seem like we know how exactly we can merge the answers and come up with one shared strategy. Not yet at least.

A party or a protest? The Net2 GLC conversation continues

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On the day two of the Global Leadership Council meetings we had an great CDI -- GLC retreat. It felt like a real community experience - not awkward or forced. A group of people who care had an honest conversation, and it went on for a couple of hours. I was particularly nervous and, afterwards, excited about is, as I have my feet in both words. I am a part of the Community Driven Innovation team and a Local Organizer. I was very eager to see the two perspectives brought together.

Global Leadership Council Get Together

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Starting today, the NetSquared Global Leadership Council will be meeting in various San Francisco venues to discuss the opportunities and limitations that can help grow the NetSquared program. So many ideas to share, so many issues to discuss, so many questions to ask -- luckily, more than little time. Today in the morning we started up with the basics.

Time for a Timeline!

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So the (not so) new Facebook timeline feature will soon be obligatory for all Facebook user profiles and fan pages. We are more interested in the later change case: has your organization already adapted the new way of representing your mission and activities? Are you putting it off till the last moment?

We have already picked a cover photo, so you can already see it on our new NetSquared Facebook timeline. This is just a beta version though. We’d love to come up with a proper collage of Net2 community and event photos. Do you have any that you could share with us? If so, please do send them along ( or tag them NetSquared on Flickr.

Social Hackathon on Education in Warsaw

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6 social projects driven and supported by technology have been started during last weekend’s social hackathon in Warsaw. A community gathered around the Warsaw NetWtorek (NetSquared Local) event, and beyond that organized the previous sprint under the Random Hacks of Kindness brand decided to try narrowing down the interest area to education. Also, the event wa called diiferently, i.e. Spoleczne Hakowanie: Edukacja (Social Hacking: Education, SocHack:Edu), even though the event’s format didn’t really change. SocHack:Edu.

Media For Social Change -- One World Social Innovation

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As I have been letting you know, the biggest international Human Rights Film Festival -- One World -- in Prague, Czech Republic runs a competition for projects that use new media for social change. Even though the Festival officially closed last night, the One World Social Innovation Gala took place last Monday (March 12), and the “tech for good” projects have been submitted, analyzed and rewarded. I have been there.

Social Is Not About The Medium

It was last year when One World, a prestigious and renowned Film Festival has decided to dedicate an entire section to new media driven projects -- The Social Innovation module “aims to further develop the festival’s basic mission, which is to relay information on breaches of human rights and to acquaint viewers with extraordinary life stories, which are often overlooked by media news services” says the One World Social Innovation Coordinator Jaroslav Valuch. This is why this year, for the second time, One World brought together the best examples of how NGOs, local initiatives, government initiatives and activists – to name a few – are using technology, social media, and mobile communication to make a genuine positive impact.

TechSoup Webinar: Managing Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Are you looking for a way to create a better relationship with your client or donor base? Join our webinar, Managing Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Thursday, March 22 at 11 a.m. Pacific time to learn about this customizable solution!

This free, one-hour webinar will begin with an introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM by NPower Northwest's Shawn Michael. Shawn will talk about Dynamics CRM's key functionality, integration options, and where to get help, all with nonprofits and libraries in mind.

Srilakshmi Remala from Washington STEM will then take the floor, talking about her organization's recent implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This will be a great opportunity to hear how a real nonprofit has benefited from this client relationship management tool.

This webinar is appropriate for nonprofits and libraries seeking out new solutions for managing their client and donor relationships.

Facebook Down -- And So?

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When I woke up yesterday and crawled from my bed to switch on the laptop, with eyes half closed I typed a few URLs that I usually start my day with. It really annoyed me that Facebook page didn’t respond. At first, I blamed the machine, obviously. My second reaction though, was to use another social media channel to see what was going on -- Twitter.

It Is Not Just You

I didn’t even have to use the #Facebook hashtag to realize, as it happens with social media, that I was not the only one experiencing connection problems (“Is it just me or is #Facebook down?”). After joining the #Facebook discussion I understood the the problem was legitimate (“Facebook is down!”), soon the “official” message followed: “Updating this as we go along: #Facebook has hiccup in Europe, Middle East and Africa”

A Few Thoughts Over a Coffee -- NetWtorek Meets Up With The Net2 Community Evangelist

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Last Friday in Warsaw Marc, the CDI Community Evangelist and the NetWtorek (NetSquared Local Warsaw) team had a breakfast together. Between one bite of a croissant and another, we discussed the struggles and successes of the Net2 Warsaw community.

Net2 Local, Regional, Global

One of the most interesting conclusions we have reached was the one of the need for regional support and meetings. The Net2 global support is great and prestigious. However, when facing grass root problems the need for empathy and a deep (cultural as well) insight is priceless. Do you think that a local organizer from Warsaw would be a better adviser for a group in, let’s say, Bratislava, than a US organizer? It obviously depends on many factors, but cultural and geographical proximity is a key one.


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