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“While the barrier to video production and distribution tools has lowered greatly in recent years, many organizations miss the opportunity to present their stories, lacking the skills to use the tools effectively” -- says TechSoup Global Online Community Manager Michael DeLong -- “That is why we want to provide trainings, resources, and inspiration for NGOs to create and tell their compelling stories. 

The project I just described is the TechSoup annual Digital Storytelling Challenge (also known as #TSDigs), powered by Lights. Camera. Help. It combines professional instruction and friendly competition into a hands-on media-making project. Organizations participate in a series of short, interactive online trainings, apply that knowledge to create their digital story, then submit a one-minute video or five-picture slideshow to the #TSDigs Challenge. A panel of expert judges selects the very best entries to win terrific prizes consisting of tools and resources to take their digital storytelling to the next level. The 2012 edition of #tsdigs challenge has just kicked off, and you should (so says I) consider participating. The timeline looks pretty much as follows:


  • February 1: Challenge Launch: Submissions Open

Learning Opportunities:

All learning events are 11:00 a.m. US Pacific time

  • February 29, Midnight Pacific time Submissions Close
  • March 1 – 11: Expert panel judging
  • March 5 – 9: Community voting
  • March 28, 7:00 p.m. Pacific time: Awards Screening Party at TechSoup HQ in San Francisco and Live-Streaming in Nonprofit Commons (Second Life)

We will keep updating you re the challenge, as well as reminding you about the #tsdigs webinars in case you don’t sign up for all of these immediately after reading the blog post. Don’t miss a chance to learn, and if you are considering submitting your video to the competition -- good luck!

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