Looking back at 2011 -- Egyptian revolution. Video interview with Heba Gamal.

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It has been almost a year since the revolution in Egypt started. It is a great time to look back at what happened and, especially in the context of the net2 blog, ask questions about the role that technology played in it. A lot has been written and said about the role of social media in the past year’s protests, and this is why here on Net2, we‘d like to bring a unique voice to the discussion.

Heba Gamal, a Senior TechSoup Global Network Partner manager, is Egyptian and has been closely monitoring events that took place in her homeland in 2011 and during the last days. Apart from her personal relationship with Egypt and the revolution Heba also has a social activist past, and a passion for new technologies and web 2.0 in particular.

Watch this short video and listen to what Heba has to say. Want to ask Heba a question? Have any other thoughts about how social media help inform social actions and inspire democratization processes? Let us know in the comments!