Enter the 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards!

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The 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards is awaiting your submissions until the end of February. The contest, organized by both See3 Communications and Youtube, is designed to recognize the creative and effective use of video to promote the work of the nonprofit sector in catalyzing social good.  The winning videos in each category will be featured on the YouTube homepage (a 24-hour “primetime” placement) and recognized at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco on April 5th.  The winners in each category will receive prizes and products from Cisco to help them harness the power of human and technology networks to multiply their impact on the people and communities they serve. 

A Few Eligibility Remarks

Apply if …

  • You are a member or signed up (/willing to sign up) for the YouTube Nonprofit Program — a special program that YouTube designed to help nonprofits achieve their missions through video
  • Your nonprofits is registered in the US, the UK, Australia or Canada
  •  Your video was recorded between Jan 1 2011 and Feb 29 2012


-- to keep in mind

  • 02/01/12 Submissions Open
  • 02/29/12 Submissions Close
  • 03/12/12 16 Finalist Videos selected by our panel of expert judges
  • 03/14/12 Public Voting Begins
  • 03/28/12 Public Voting Closes
  • 04/05/12 Winners Announced

Judging Criteria

You will have a good chance to win if you follow these criteria:


  • Message: Is the message clear? Does the message take an original angle on the topic? Do you know what the video seeks to communicate and what it wants you to do?
  • Use of Video: Did the organization take advantage of the video medium? Could the message have been more effectively communicated using any other medium?
  • Quality of Video: Was the video made well? Did they use good video technique including framing, sound, visual interest, etc?
  • Creativity: Did the style of the video catch your attention? Did you see something original and exciting?
  • Emotional Appeal: Did you feel connected to the characters and content? Did you identify with the organization and its cause? Would you be compelled to act on behalf of the organization?
  • Storytelling (special category): Does your video tell the story of a person/people, the issue, or the organization in question?  Did the video use narrative and story to educate and move the viewer?


Last but not least:

Cisco, the global leader in making innovation possible through network technology, will provide $14,000 in cash prizes and up to $6,000 in products to be divided among the winning organizations. The four contest winners will be featured on the YouTube homepage and receive free registrations to the Nonprofit Technology Network's (NTEN) signature event, the Nonprofit Technology Conference. 

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