Digital Bites -- #Net2Fail

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I got so used to thinking about failures as opportunities, that it is even difficult for me to recall any. Obviously, they do feel like failures when they happen. There is no way of immediately tricking your heart and mind into treating whatever you did not expect or hoped for as, at the end of the day, “the best”. But then, after the initial wave of disappointment, you start rationalizing, you move on, and you can’t believe that what started so badly could have taught you so much.

Although a lot has been said about what good can come from failures in theory, examples are the only good way to examine this statement. And the July edition of our neo-newsletter Digital Bites brings some famous ones to your attention. One of them comes from Steven’s Flower, the NetSquared Local Organizer from Manchester. Steven’s advice is to... be easy on yourself (if you don’t succeed at first).

Want to know why and more? Put your headphones on (there is an interview to listen to!), click through, and let us know what you think. Also: share your own #net2fail story on this blog if you feel like it. We will surely enjoy reading it. It is always easier to learn from your own failures,but it surely is easier to enjoy the ones of others!