Day 80 Update: The NetSquared 100 Days Challenge

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We promised you regular updates about our 100 days challenge commitment. And so here comes the 80 days one!

This time I would like to walk you through everything we did, without necessarily making references to every point of our commitment. You can see in detail what we did promise in the previous posts, so let’s focus only on what we have really done to meet your expectations in this one.

---- 1 ----

One of the most important things we did is that we gave the Net2 vision a try. Marc published a post with guidelines, and we had a vivid e-mail conversation with many of you about it. Remember? It all provoked Steven Flower to come up with a blog post on the same topic. The clarity and purpose of the Net2 vision are still not a closed topic. But sometimes talking about something seems better than having the answer.

---- 2 ----

Especially if we talk as much as we have been recently. With Eli on board, and Anka constantly searching for ways in which we could interact, the conversation is becoming more and more intense and interesting. For the entire summer these two will be waiting for you on Skype and Google Plus to talk to you about anything regarding NetSquared.

---- 3 ----

And by you we do not mean the GLC crowd (with whom we do cherish our special connection) only. We mean all the NetSquared Local organizers, and all the potential ones too. This wide audience is who we kept in mind when launching the The Regional Gathering Fund that will support NetSquared organizers in holding regional Camps. We hope that bringing together NetSquared participants and friends to share, learn and take action together around tech-for-good issues will help us in spreading around the Net2 spirit.

---- 4 ----

Content team is working arm in arm with the Community one to make sure that what we are saying is how and how were saying it makes sense. We have started sending out a new newsletter. Digital Bites are funky and seem to resonate well with those who decided to have a look at the April or May Issue. We are constantly calling out for AV contributions to tell a story about Net2 in a more compelling way. On the back end we also work really hard on the new CDI platform on incorporating both the vision statement and all of your inputs into the web copy, other channels and collateral. Laney, who is driving platform related work, is always open for your contributions. She just had a call with a few of you with a particular focus on local groups and elevating their stories. 


---- 5 ----

The last, but definitely not the least important thing I would like to share with you, is also the most intimate one. As a team the CDI crew began to talk about the internal problems connected to the work in a redistributed team with many areas of focus that do not always overlap across the group.  We decided to re-start the team calls, and we are trying to make some space for people who do not work together to connect, at least on a personal level, though different little tasks and activities (we call it a Buddy system).

More to Come

Uff... A lot has been going on, and we are not done yet!

Stay tuned, and if I managed to forget about anything -- let me know in the comments or via our well-Eli-curated social media channels!