Congratulations -- We Have a Star!

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As promised, we are announcing the winner of the Net2 All Star Invitational today. Net2 team has endorsed the community vote -- we do believe in your power! All in all, the best video reflecting on a project submitted to the NetSquared Project Gallery, the one that:

  • demonstrates real and measurable social impact
  • demonstrates expertise in the focus area
  • effectively tells the story

has been created by Open Green Map -- a social mapping tool for anyone who loves ecology and embraces green living. Congratulations!

Open Green Map!

Thanks for the submission, thanks for entering the Net2 All Star Invitational with such grace! We couldn’t imagine a better winner.And this is the community that made it happen.

Dear Net2 Community!

We are grateful for your participation and votes. If you still haven’t seen the video -- you should! You can also check the Open Green Map website and share your impressions on the video in the comments.