Apply or nominate for the Antonio Pizzigati Prize!

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Through October 31, 2011 you can apply or nominate  for the Antonio Pizzigati Prize. The challenge annually awards open source software developers. The 10,000 USD prize is founded by The Florence and Frances Family Fund of Tides Foundation and honors the brief life Tony Pizzigati, an early advocate of open source computing.

“And The Prize Goes To...”

The Pizzigati Prize challenge seeks to recognize developers who are making a two-faceted contribution to social change. First, they have an important practical impact: their software helps nonprofits both become more effective on a daily basis and build their capacity to better inform and mobilize their constituents. In addition, public interest software developers play a broader role. The ideals of public interest computing, as they have evolved inside the open source movement, promote collaboration and sharing.

Applicants will be evaluated by an advisory panel that includes past winners of the Prize on a range of criteria. The winner is expected to have:

  • Developed an elegant open source software product that serves a critical need in the broader U.S.-based nonprofit community
  • Evolved a plan to scale the product through wide distribution of the code
  • Exemplified the values of public interest computing
  • Demonstrated vision and inspired innovation in the field of public interest computing


All completed application materials for the 2012 prize competition including

  • an application
  • nomination form, as well as
  • a link pointing to the the relevant software

must be sent in one email to no later than by 5pm EST, October 31, 2011.  The Tides Foundation, as host of the prize process, will name the next annual Pizzigati Prize winner at the Nonprofit Technology Network's  2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference in April 2012.


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