participate, don't spectate

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more quotes for web 2.0 thinking .... 

from Subcomandante Marcos:

"The revolution, in general, is no longer imagined according to socialist patterns of realism, that is, as men and women stoically marching behind a red, waving flag towards a luminous future. Rather it has become a sort of carnival."

from Mikhail Bakhtin, Rabelais and his World, Indiana University Press, 1984:

"Carnival does not know footlights, in the sense that it does not acknowledge any distinction between actors and spectators. Footlights would destroy a carnival, as the absence of footlights would destroy a theatrical performance. Carnival is not a spectacle seen by the people; they live in it, and everyone participates because it's very idea embraces all the people."

will your web 2.0 revolution embrace all the people in its very idea?

will i have no choice to participate in your revolution because there will be no real boundry between you and i?

how will i know i'm safe enough to be swept up in this revolution? not everyone wants to be swept up in the carnival and history has shown them getting run out of town more than once.

what are the floodlights of the current technology revolution? cost? lack of knowledge? fear of change?

what destorys the floodlights? open source? communities? shared knowledge like a wikipedia? this here blog?

will we get rid of the notion of putting on a show for users and realize that we are the used and the using ... that we want to access the type of show we want, when we want it, and possibly even be the show.