Why I am thankful for having worked with Amy Sample Ward

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I have been working with Amy a relatively short time, but have come to appreciate her professionalism and her willingness to think through somewhat complicated technical issues in a way that is intelligent and often times insightful.  Whenever a website is being developed, there is some gap that by definition exists between the stakeholders of an organization and the people who are performing the development work.  Sometimes, there is a need to have non-technical stakeholders grasp a highly technical concept in order to make an intelligent strategic decision regarding moving forward for the organization.  In my experience as a developer, those conversations can be difficult to have gracefully.  Amy has stuck it out with my endless logic loops and algorhytm-speak time and time again in a way that I am grateful for and amazed by.  I have worked with a lot of teams developing websites, and her tenacity in the face of jargon is commendable and shows a bravery and willingness that few have. 

And I think it shows, Amy.  I wish you the best in your journey and know that whatever it is you put attention to next will flourish.  I hope our work paths continue to cross, as it has been a pleasure working with you.

Ana Willem