The Legal Ramifications of Running an Online Community

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Casual Blogger Hit with Lawsuit -Just a few days after I started working on the website for a new non-profit my friend is trying to get off the ground this article appears in our local paper.

Part of the purpose of this site ( is to connect it's members to one another through a community section where users could create profiles, have their own blogs, and advertise their availability as DSP's.

It all seemed so exciting. We were going to open lines of communications still are bogged down in bulging beurocracies that can use all the help they can get. 

Then came the article. There are only two of us donating our time to this project.  What happens if this actually takes off and there is no way we can keep up with every post? Will we be opening ourselves up for a lawsuit? We'd like to find out before we make a mistake we can't take back.