7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Pinterest Group Boards

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If your nonprofit is using Pinterest, you may have been invited to post to another user’s Group Board.

Pinning to Group Boards that others have created is a great way to increase exposure for your organization and your cause.

However, developing Group Boards yourself and inviting others to pin is an even better way – yet vastly underutilized by nonprofits on Pinterest. 

A Group Board works just like a regular old Pinterest Board – but along with your organization, other Pinterest users (invited and approved by you) can add pins.

Group Boards can be secret or public, but for the purposes of nonprofit marketing, I suggest creating a few that are public.

Here are 7 ways that nonprofits can use Pinterest Group Boards: http://jcsocialmarketing.com/2014/03/7-ways-nonprofits-can-use-pinterest...