6 Proven Methods To Get More Social Media Shares

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We all know that sharing is the gold standard of social media.

Likes and comments are all well and good, but getting someone to share, to retweet, to repin, to regram – that is what exposes your content to a wider audience. Sharing is more powerful as it requires more engagement than passively, scrolling, reading or even clicking “like” on a post.

When a member of your online community shares your stuff with their network, this gets new eyeballs on your information and hopefully brings new people into the fold. Preaching to the choir all the time won’t get you anywhere.

That leaves us with the million dollar question: How do we get more members of our online communities to share our content?

Getting people to share isn’t a cake walk, but it is doable, and many nonprofits do it very well.

Here are 6 proven methods to get more social media shares. http://jcsocialmarketing.com/2014/08/6-proven-methods-get-social-media-shares/