5 Very Inspiring Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns for Mother’s Day

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I am always looking for creative ideas to give my moms on Mother’s Day (I have a mom, a step mom and two mothers-in-law).

As a mom myself, I know that it takes some creativity to find a very special gift that comes from the heart.

I decided to do a cursory search on Pinterest – where I find 99% of my ideas for gifts and things to buy. I searched for “Mother’s Day nonprofit” and found some fantastic results.

These nonprofits are seriously winning – because they recognize two things:

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to do a fundraising campaign due to it’s personal and emotional nature.

Pinterest is the perfect medium to fundraise around this holiday, because moms congregate there.

All 5 of these fundraising campaigns have 3 vital characteristics in common:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Compelling stories
  • Evocative of an emotional reaction

Here are the 5 most inspiring nonprofit campaigns that I found – use them as inspiration for your next fundraising campaign!