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Water For People World Water Day 2010 Fundraiser

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The Sacramento Water For People Committee invites you to celebrate World Water Day 2010. This year’s official WWD theme, water quality, brings into focus the need for clean, well-managed water supplies worldwide. 

About the Event

The Keynote Speaker will be the inspirational CEO of Water For People, Ned Breslin, who will be coming from Denver, CO to share stories of his experiences with several NGOs in the water and sanitation sector since the 1980s. Live music will be played at the event by the popular San Francisco-based Brazilian soul band, Boca do Rio!The event also includes:

Volunteers needed in San Francisco group: Logistics & Sponsorship

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The San Francisco NetSquared organizer team needs help on two fronts: Logistics and sponsorships.


Logistics: We need help prior to, during, and after each Meetup. Prior to the event, we need a point person to coordinate with the hosting venue. At the event we need help with setup of drinks/snacks, chairs and any tech support resources (livestream crew, projectors, etc.). After the event we need help breaking down and making sure everything is squeaky clean before we turn the lights out and call it a night. If you're the party host type, you will love this gig.

Net2 Recommends: A Monthly Round-Up of Things that Caught our Eye

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The NetSquared team reads and shares lots of different blog posts, articles, reports, and surveys. For the most part, we save and share using a social bookmarking tool called Delicious. Recently, we realized that we have a lot of fun sharing within the team and maybe we should start sharing with you, too! This is the first in what we plan to be a monthly blog post sharing some of the things we found interesting or inspiring, mind-bending or opinion-changing, fun or just plain weird. 

Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Fundraising Lessons Learned

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This month's Net2 Think Tank asked for your lessons learned and favorite tips for online fundraising.  We know that for many venturing into the world of online fundraising can feel like going for a run with a blindfold on.  But, we also know that this community is full of smart, experienced folks who are always sharing their ideas, best practices, and feedback for the rest of us to learn from. This round-up has a few different examples to give you valuable advice and even get you think about your next online fundraising campaign.

Vote for your favorite examples of Social Media for Social Good

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The Social Media for Social Good collection from NTEN and NetSquared calls for your case studies in leveraging social media tools in your program work.

Social Media for Social Good

Everywhere you turn, you’re hearing about social media. Especially when it comes to fundraising. But at NTEN and NetSquared, we know that social media is good for a lot more than raising money. We know that social media can be used to change the world. That’s why we’re launching the Social Media for Social Good case study collection!

#4Change February Twitter Chat Topic: Cause Fatigue

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This post is cross-posted from the #4Change blog here.

Running campaigns in support of one or many great causes can be very time consuming and demanding for all of those who are determined to make a change. It seems easier in the beginning when a fresh campaign for a cause is just launched – supporters are jumping on board, influencers are engaged, buzz is flying about, awareness is spreading, change is happening. But what happens when the social magic begins to wear off and change starts to feel more like a chore then a contribution?

TechSoup Webinar: Tele-What? Straight Talk About Telecommunications for Your Organization

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Don't know your VoIP from your POTS or even what these acronyms mean? Scratching your head on all the phone system options out there? Then this webinar is for you. Join us Thursday February 18 at 11 a.m. Pacific for an informative webinar and forums event to help you avoid the buzz-word marketing and get the real picture on telecommunications. We'll be joined by telecommunications expert and longtime TechSoup star and forums moderator, Chris Shipley of Nutmeg IT and Kevin Lo, Lead Technology Analyst for TechSoup Global. Our hosts will address the various voice communication options (VoIP, PBX hardware, voicemail) available and how these differ.

Interview: Marshall Kirkpatrick on the Real Time Web Report

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The Real-Time Web and Its Future, a new report from ReadWriteWeb, focused on the changing ecosystem of the Web, one that runs in real-time.  "For the following report, we interviewed 50 companies, developers and executives building or leveraging real-time Web technology. We combined that research with insights gained from more than 300 industry leaders that participated in our Real-Time Web Summit in October 2009.

Interview: Colin Rhinesmith, CCTV Cambridge

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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to connect with Colin Rhinesmith, Community Media Coordinator at Cambridge Community Television (Cambridge, MA, USA) and Adjunct Lecturer for the Media and Culture Program at Bentley University.  Colin told me that they recently held a very popular social media workshop for seniors at Cambridge Community Television (@cctvcambridge) but that it is a topic that would benefit from more coverage - so, I asked if I could interview him!  You can learn more about the workshop and the issues seniors face with social media in th


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