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Using Internal Media at NetSquared

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The June Net2 Think Tank focuses on social media use internally at organizations: Online tools are transforming the way we communicate with team members down the hall or across an ocean, but which tools are available and how can we use them to enhance our work? At NetSquared, we use a lot of social media tools in our work with the community, publicly, as well as just with our team, privately.

Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 6

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We are well-into the Camps Pilot now, with the Douala event already passed and more coming next week. We have learned a lot and made quite a few adjustments and iterations in real-time throughout the process. Posting these notes each week has helped capture thoughts and start conversations as a team and we hope it's been valuable and interesting for you, too! (If you haven't been following these weekly notes, you can catch them all with the Camps-Notes tag.)

Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 5

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Last week was the 5th week in the Camps pilot (based on our 8-week planning process).  The Camps planning really began back in February though when participating organizers came on board and the groundwork for this summer's events was put in place.  Last weekend was also the first Camp event, taking place in Douala, Cameroon! As I've been doing over the last 4 weeks, I want to sharesome notes and questions that arose from our side of the planning process and hope you'll share, too!

Job: Drupal Connoisseur

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NetSquared is seeking a Drupal whiz with a deep understanding of the nonprofit technology sphere to serve as system admin and Drupal developer for the global site.

This role will require you to plan and implement new features, functions and applications in our community-driven process. Working in a fast-paced and distributed environment, you will be asked to develop engaging online tools that facilitate usability and increase participation.

The bullet points:

Job: Product Manager, Community-Driven Innovation Program

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Want to help develop innovative services for changemakers around the world? We're looking for you.

There's a new position in a new program at TechSoupGlobal: we're looking for a Product Manager to oversee product development, program design and Operations for the Community-Driven Innovation program. The day-to-day focus is on developing modular features, products and services that surface the resource needs of people and organizations work for social-benefit around the world. The net-impact of the role will drive contributions to social-benefit organizations from volunteers; technology companies; funders and anyone else interested in contributing their time, technology and funds to entrepreneurial projects.

Can We Talk? Data Integration and Nonprofit Organizations

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"Can we talk?" If your donor database is asking your accounting software, the answer is probably "no." And this lack of communication between systems is causing increasing problems for nonprofit organizations.

Today’s typical nonprofit uses a variety of information management systems for collecting and storing data ranging from client and constituent contacts to program tracking and evaluation. While standards for data exchange and inter-software communication are developing in the nonprofit sector, the vast majority of nonprofit organizations face steep barriers to realizing the benefits and leveraging the power of technology.

Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 4

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This is the fourth post in a series I'm writing to reporting publicly about the Camps pilot as it develops, sharing questions and ideas each week from the global perspective of planning and creating events. I've having some greation conversations with colleagues like Bonnie Koenig this week that have continued to surface ideas and insights about our work. (If you haven't been following these weekly notes, you can catch them all with the Camps-Notes tag.)


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