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TechSoup Webinar: TechSoup for Faith-Based Organizations

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TechSoup provides donated and deeply discounted products and services to nonprofits and libraries. Some of our donor partners make their product donations available to organizations with religious missions . And, if your church or faith-based organization has a primary mission that is nonreligious, you might be able to register with an organization type that allows you to be eligible for even more of our donation programs.

This free webinar is designed especially for churches and faith-based organizations interested in learning more about the TechSoup donation program so they can get the most value from

Join #CitizenGulf Events to Benefit Fishing Families Affected by Oil Spill

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Stories, ideas, and even events come together under the hashtag #CitizenGulf all focusing on the families affected by the oil spill.  From twitter to blogs and social networks, people have come together to hold events offline around the US on August 25th.  How can you get involved? Learn more and take action on and offline today!

Visit to find events in your area and contribute to the #CitizenGulf efforts.

Building a Community for the Print Impaired: an Interview with Inclusive Planet's Sachin Malhan

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I recently connected with Sachin Malhan, CEO and co-founder of inclusive planet, an online platform that enables people with print impairments to find each other, connect, interact, build communities, and share accessible content and solutions. Started in India, this project is rapidly growing to be a world-wide resource for the visually impaired to both learn and interact.

Camps Pilot notes from the Field: Week 8

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Last week saw events in Portland, Paris and North Carolina: the Camps Pilot is 4 events down, 2 to go!  The original plan with these Notes from the Field was to share emerging questions and lessons on the blog in real time over the 8 weeks of event planning alongside the organizers. But, as there are still two more events to happen and much more evaluation and thinking about the pilot, I'm sure this will not be the end of the posts!  (If you haven't been following these weekly notes, you can catch them all with the Camps-Notes tag.)

Interview: Kedar Iyer, PickyPolly

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I recently had the opportunity to connect with Kedar to learn about a new project to help users measure and manage their consumption, in effect encouraging them to control their environmental impact.  I found the project so interesting that I wanted to share it with you here in an interview, covering some key questions from Kedar.  There's also a chance for you to provide your feedback, ideas, and even contribute!


Interview: Kivi Leroux Miller, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide

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I’ve followed Kivi’s work for years and am happy to call her a colleague and friend. She’s a go-to resource for nonprofit marketing and her new book is called The Nonprofit Marketing Guide (get your copy here).  I’m thrilled to have the chance to share an interview with her here and encourage you to add your questions in the comments! This interview is part of her virtual book tour; check out the full calendar of events.



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