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How you can support Social Justice and Innovation with the FACT Challenge

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FACT Challenge logoHave a great idea for a new project that fosters collaboration? Are you passionate about social justice? Does your organization focus on citizen engagement, equality, or other community issues? The FACT Social Justice Challenge needs your ideas and passion.  There are plenty of ways to get involved with the Challenge - whether it's proposing new tools, or privinding insight from the front line of social justice work. Learn more below!

How you can support Social Justice

Individual Changemakers

Updates to

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The TechSoup team are hard at work continuing to add updates, new functionality, and usability to - here's a message from co-CEO Marnie Webb with more details:

At TechSoup Global we’ve been working hard on a new round of improvements to the website.

I’m excited to update you on our progress and hear your feedback. A little over a year ago, we unveiled the first phase in a series of improvements to the site, including a new homepage design and enhanced search functionality. Those visible changes to the site also represented significant improvement to our back end systems — both hardware and software.

The Local Philanthropy Workshop: The state of civil society in Romania

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I'm here in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, for The Local Philanthropy Workshop run by the OdorheiuSecuiesc Community Foundation and TechSoup Romania. This three-and-a-half day event will really kick off tomorrow morning and lead well into the weekend, bringing together NGO and IT participants to work together, share needs and expertise, and build capacity to move Romania and our communities further towards the civil society and engaged philanthropy environment we all want. There will be plenty of conversations, workshops, and learning opportunities here at the conference facility, but our goal is to share out throughout the event so you can join the conversation!

Global Digital Activism: This data set has a waiting list!

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(This post originally written by Mary Joyce for the Meta-Activism blog. You can see the original post here.)

The Global Digital Activism Data Set is the first attempt to quantitatively study digital activism as a global phenomenon.  It is an all-volunteer project to create an open case study database under a Creative Commons license that will be accessible to scholars and activists around the world.  It currently has 342 cases, with over 1,500 cases waiting to be entered… and that’s our challenge.

Submit your Projects to the FACT Social Justice Challenge

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FACT Challenge logoAs we announced last week, the 2nd annual FACT Social Justice Challenge calls for your innovative Projects that leverage web and/or mobile technologies to foster collaboration around social justice issues. Submissions are now open! You can submit your Project idea from today through October 4th. But remember: you can continue to edit, improve and add to your Project throughout that time – so submit today!

Community Builder Chat Wrap-Up & September Details

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(This is reposted from my blog at

Last night was the first in what will now be a monthly chat for community builders or those interested in learning more about building community, on and offline.  The goal of this chat was to set some of the ground work for us to build on going forward. Below you’ll find highlights from the first chat and details for the next one!

August 2010 – Community Builder Chat Wrap Up

Last night’s chat had a good turn out for being the very first one – thanks to everyone who lurked, joined in, and shared! The two main questions explored were:

Community Organizers Handbook: Launching a resource for NetSquared Local and beyond!

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Over the last few years, the NetSquared Local network has grown from just a few groups in only a couple countries, to 70+ groups in 21+ countries! Those Local groups are organized by volunteers passionate about building community at the intersection of technology and social change. We support organizers with resources, assistance, and other connections, but we believe the most valuable resource comes from organizers having access to each other and sharing between themselves.  We also recognize that we aren't the only ones working in this space and the more knowledge we can share, with more changemakers and organizers, the more we can all be even better.


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