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Featured Project Update: NewsTrust

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NewsTrust is a N2Y2 Featured Project that was created as a free online social news network to help people find and share good journalism. Three years later, NewsTrust is still helping people make more informed decisions through journalism and offers an integrated online service which includes a news filter, media literacy tools and a civic engagement network.

Recently, NewsTrust has been expanding its platform and over the next six months plans to run pilot programs for use of the following tools:

Attend a Workshop to Help Develop the ISHub 2.0

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The IS Hub is a collaborative concept that, when achieved, will create a cohesive network of web platforms to help improve the lives of people all over the world.  You are invited to collaborate at an upcoming workshop on April 8 in Utrecht to help shape the future of this technology. The goal of the workshop is to share the IS Hub externally to find people to help develop it further. Rooted in the 2.0 philosophy, the organizers hope that by sharing the idea they can join forces to create something extraordinary.

Here is an explanation of the IS Hub from the workshop coordinators:

Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Writing an effective social media policy

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As social media becomes increasingly embraced by mainstream employers, how can you write a social media policy for your organization that both celebrates the positive side and addresses the negative side of social media?  The March Net2 Think Tank asked for examples of effective social media policies and this round-up has some great examples to get you started creating a social media policy in your organization!

TechSoup Webinar: Is Salesforce CRM Right for Your Organization?

Claire Sale's picture is a popular cloud computing customer relationship management (CRM) database that’s used by tens of thousands of companies around the globe. Nonprofits are utilizing Salesforce CRM to manage donors, activists, community members, contacts and more. Through the Foundation product donation program, qualified 501©(3) organizations are able to receive a donation of 10 Salesforce CRM licenses. If you want to learn more, join us for this upcoming free webinar.

TechSoup Webinar: Around the Twitter World in 60 Minutes

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Twitter has claimed its place on the short list of communications tools for nonprofits and libraries to consider when designing online strategies. This webinar will survey the Twitter landscape, explaining core concepts, enumerating best practices, and describing the tools and tactics that exist to leverage Twitter’s strengths.

Kami Griffiths will interview Allen Gunn, Executive Director of Aspiration, who will be offering a balanced perspective, assessing both the pros and cons of Twitter and helping you understand how best to use it.

TechSoup Webinar: Get Started on Facebook

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Many nonprofits and libraries are using Facebook to interact with their constituencies and reach out to new audiences – but what’s the best way to get your organization started on this hugely popular social networking site?

In this webinar Kami Griffiths will interview social media consultant John Haydon, who will walk through the essential steps to establishing and managing a successful Facebook presence for a nonprofit or library. We will also hear from Gabe O’Neill of Kids Are Heroes, who will share lessons learned from developing their own Facebook page. Get practical how-to information, learn best practices, ask questions, and leave with action items that will help you create an engaging Facebook presence for your organization.


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