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Net2 Think Tank: Age Segmentation in Social Networking

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In the early years of social networking, people thought it was just for kids. As the field has matured, however, that notion has changed and many sites have successfully targeted themselves towards particular age or demographic groups. From mommy blogging to the new AARP community, age segmentation can create a new level of participation, functionality, transparency, and interest. This month's Net2 Think Tank asks you to share your thoughts and best practices for using social media with or for a particular age group.

TechSoup Webinar: 10 Social Media Tips & Secrets

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Social media has dramatically changed how nonprofits and libraries communicate with supporters, donors, and volunteers. Most organizations in the United States now use social media in their communications and development strategies, but few have been properly trained on how to best utilize sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Your organization's return on investment (ROI) in social media is directly related to whether your staff fully understands the long-term implications of social media and are knowledgeable of each sites' unique functionality and toolset.

Enter your Org's Taglines to win a Taggie Award

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Taggie Award LogoSince 2008, the Nonprofit Tagline Awards (aka the Taggies) have been rewarding organizations for using strong taglines in their marketing materials. A powerful tagline can be the centerpiece of a strong marketing campaign, and can serve to both clarify and simplify your message. Does your nonprofit have an organizational tagline or a tagline for a campaign, program, or event? If so, enter to win a Taggie Award from Getting Attention.

The Taggie Awards:

The deadline for entering is July 28. The form takes about 3 minutes to fill in, so why not do it right now?

Net2 Think Tank Round-up: Using Online Tools for Internal Comms

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For this month's Net2 Think Tank, we asked you for your tips, tools, and suggestions for communicating online within a team. Many organizations have found ways to work seamlessly across the hall or across an ocean using online tools to facilitate their internal communication, but finding the right tools for your team takes effort. This round-up aims to help you to jump-start your creative juices and re-think the way you look at internal communications.

One Week to Net2 Campfire in Paris!

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NetSquared Campfire LogoThe NetSquared Campfire in Paris is less than one week away! The unconference tickets are now sold out, but everyone is welcome to participate virtually. If you're already on the guest list, let us know what you're most excited for in the comments section below.


One Week to Net2 Campfire in Research Triangle, North Carolina!

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The NetSquared Campfire in the Research Triangle is just one week away! The event aims at helping bring nonprofit leaders, technology experts, and volunteers together to brainstorm and learn about using technology in their work. Tickets go up in price starting tomorrow, so register today to get the early bird rates!


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