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See Who's Getting Started with NetSquared Local

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NetSquared Local MapThere are over 70 NetSquared groups around the world that meet to network and learn about using the web and other innovative technologies to make social change happen. Each one of these groups is volunteer run and community driven, and each one is totally unique and at the mercy of the interests, cultures and expertises of the group members.

NetSquared Campfire North Carolina - Event Recap

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The NetSquared Campfire in Research Triangle, North Carolina was held June 25 with more than 100 people converging to network, share, and learn about innovating for social good. The event, one in a series of NetSquared Camp pilot events worldwide, was an interactive conversation between nonprofit leaders, technology experts, and volunteers. Below, you can find a recap of the event and some resources that came out of it.

Help Define the Future of Crowdsourcing at CrowdConf2010

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Are you using or interested in using crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, or distributed work to drive success for your organization or project? The upcoming CrowdConf2010 is a promising event bringing together researchers, technologists, outsourcing experts, legal scholars, and artists to discuss the rapid growth in Crowdsourcing and the future of the evolving tactic. The event will include a series of peer-reviewed presentation tracks, posters, technology demonstrations as well as keynote addresses from leaders in crowdsourcing.

Submit your expertise

The conference organizers are currently accepting papers, demos, and posters on all crowdsourcing-related topics. Submit your paper, demo, or poster for consideration before the submission deadline of September 1. 

One Week To Net2 Camp In Vancouver, BC!

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The NetSquared Camp in Vancouver, British Columbia is just over a week away! The free tickets are now sold out, but if you're willing to volunteer or donate, you can still register to attend! Whether you can make it to the event or not, we hope you'll participate virtually to share all your great insights around the globe.

Open Source CMS: A Net2Camb Event Wrap-up from Will Hall

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Besides my role with NetSquared globally, I also organize a monthly NetSquared event locally, in Cambridge, UK. The July Net2Camb event was led by Will Hall, a PHP web developer and open source enthusiast. He discussed the options, benefits, and risks associated with using open source content management systems for SMEs, charities and NGOs.

Will has kindly written a wrap-up of the event to share with you, and included his presentation slides for your reference:

Net2 Think Tank: Going Digital

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New organizations build their services and strategy to fit into the existing paradigm of the technology that is available today and the innovations that are expected to happen in the future. But, many enterprises and organizations have existed since long before mobile and web technologies were ever envisioned. How are you updating your previously off-line services to be available online? 

Regular contributors, please note that we've broadened the ways that you can contribute, so be sure to re-read the "How to contribute" section below!

NetTuesday Notes in Words and Pictures: A Guest Blog Post from Melbourne Organizer Jasmin Tragas

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Jasmin HeadshotToday we hosted our second NetTuesday event in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and decided to do things a little differently. I spread some large sheets of scrap paper out on the table and bunched together some textas and crayons in a jar. The atmosphere was informal, and everyone was encouraged to participate whilst sipping lattes and munching on muffins, although I ended up visually facilitating the session (people are afraid that they can't draw!) based on the discussion. The idea was to capture some ideas, experiences and general conversation about ways people are making a difference.

Interview: Melissa Nelson, Blackbaud TV

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Blackbaud TVI recently had the opportunity to connect with Melissa Nelson, Blackbaud's Media Production and Outreach Manager, to learn more about their new initiative, Blackbaud TV. Blackbaud provides software and services to nonprofits to enable them to improve operational efficiency, build relationships, and raise funds. Blackbaud TV is the newest tool they’ve created in an effort to support Nonprofits through informational resources, and I hope this interview serves as a good introduction to the service.



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