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9 Tips for Rocking out Your Own Storytellers Team.

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Post by Mary Schellentrager and Joe Solomon, Energy Action Coalition

Over at Energy Action Coalition, we’ve had tremendous fun with bringing together “Storyteller Teams” at big events. What’s a storyteller team, you ask? It’s a grassroots team of people who are dedicated to using the power of social media to share and promote movement stories from a conference or event. We’ve had kick-ass Storyteller Teams at Power Shift ‘13 and the San Francisco Divestment Convergence, and together, these teams have reached and inspired hundreds of thousands of people.

Storyteller Teams don’t just happen on their own - they require some planning and recruiting and training and good old cat herding. Below are 9 tips (or rather, lessons we’ve learned) for recruiting and unleashing completely all-star storyteller teams.

How to Make Sweet Social Change Memes in 10 Steps - Using Pixelmator

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Hi friends, It's been a while since blogging here, but I've been meaning to share some social media lessons and tutorials gleaned from working in the climate movement (where I am the social media coordinator at Energy Action Coalition) - so it's I hope it's ok to dip my feet back in again. Below, I would like to show you how I use a tool for macs called Pixelmator to make quick, polished memes.

7 Steps to Make an All-Star Meme For Your Nonprofit/Cause/Thing that Matters - by @WebSkillet

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It's true: You can have absolutely no design skills and make all-star memes for your nonprofit. 

But first, what's a meme? "Memes" are a name for those catchy visuals you see on Facebook these days--some kind of photo, with elaborative text layered on top. Memes are also called "macros" -- I sometimes take to calling them 'Facebook postcards'. Whatever you call them: they're bite sized informative visuals that people tend to share on social media.

7 Social Media experiments we tried with the 99% Power Coalition

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I wanna talk about some social media experiments we tried with the 99% Power Campaign.

First: What is The 99% Power? It's basically a coalition campaign, driven by labor, environmental, and community groups to challenge corporate power.  A lot, it involved tons of people showing up at dozens of corporate shareholder meetings (from WellsFargo to Walmart) this Spring and rallying for fair jobs, respect, and democracy.


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