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Big Data's Global Nervous System, Nonprofits Using Data and more... #DataDigest

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In this week's data digest read and listen to examples of data being used for social benefit in the developing 'big data global ecosystem' and find data resources for NGOs. Also featured is the need for NGOs to disclose how they utilise private data to maintain trust.  Some advice is given on ways to help increase the use of open data by citizens and context is found to be key when analysing big data and making decisions based on it.

Open Data on Nonprofits, Cloud/Mobile/Big Data and more... #DataDigest

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In this week's data round up there is some great insight on how mobile, cloud and big data strategies must connect. Find out what could be one of big data's blind spots as well as gain insight on how nonprofits can provide open data to increase impact and promote transparency. Also featured is some useful information on the latest data visualisation trends from a recent meetup!

Liberating 990 Data, NTEN Workbook, Open Data Economy, Long Data #DataDigest

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This week's data digest features discussions around arguments for making US nonprofit Form 990 data, open data, a workbook to help nonprofits create data driven strategies as well as some insight on open data business models. Also discussed is the importance of 'long data' while Bill Gates highlights the need for better impact measurement to solve global problems.

1st TechSoup Data Digest for 2013!

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Today data and technology services have become intertwined! At TechSoup I have been doing research on current data related projects, initiatives, reports and news as we work to help familiarise and support the not-for-profit sector in the increasingly data driven world. I'll be blogging about my  top 5 posts, articles, or reports starting today so look out for a new post each week!

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Reflections on NetSquared London Data Privacy Meetup

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Facilitated by the knowledgeable and engaging Wendy Grossman and Javier Ruiz, the NetSquared London Meetup on Data Privacy surfaced some important, useful and informative discussion. One thing that was made clear is that there is a lot that the average person and nonprofit is unaware of on this issue. There is also a lot that those who are familiar with the issues (including those involved in the use of data for good) are struggling to address. Data privacy goes beyond the big players to middlemen, and beyond the lone hacker to organised crime. It is being driven by commercialism and government interests and laws are failing to keep up.  We discussed the importance of identifying your threat threshold as each person and organisation depending on their activities, interests and level of obscurity may require a different approach to data privacy.


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