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Foundation Stats, Project Open Data, Big Data for Economics, Big Data Partnerships, Open Data Limits Corruption #DataDigest

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This week find out how open data is helping to address corruption in poorer nations, how big data is challenging traditional economic models. The White House invites contributions to Project Open Data and data scientists partner with universities to unleash the power of big data.

Open Data Resources

Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset

The State of Open Data Worldwide, Open Data Nodes, Open Data's Value & Open Data for Development #datadigest

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In this week's data digest the state of Open Data worldwide is assessed and open data support centre launch globally. The economic potential for open data is also reviewed along with its importance for development processes


The State of Open Data Worldwide

Open Data Barometer: 2013 Global Report

New Open Data Initiative, Data literacy, Open Data in China, Big Data Investments, Data Underclass #Data Digest

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This week read about a new collaborative open data initiative for developing countries, the importance of data literacy and open data projects in China. There is also news on the potential for those with little data footprint to be excluded from Big Data informed decisions. The necessity of understanding the value you want from Big Data before embarking on Big Data projects is also emphasised.

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