3 Key Topics for the NetSquared Community: Part 2, Expanding our Impact

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Last week we started a 3-part series, sharing some of our observations and planning concepts, and hoping to gather feedback and ideas from you. The first part in the series focused on Local and Gloal - if you missed it, please do check it out and let us know what you think! This week, we want to focus on expanding and evaluating impact - a topic we really think you can help with! As we share our early thinking about these areas of our work, we hope you’ll help to shape our thinking and direction by sharing your ideas, feedback and questions in the comments, or directly with us at net2@techsoup.org

Expanding our Impact

We like to pay attention: to what the community is up to, to what’s working and what isn’t, and what we all might like to try. We also like to share what we notice and think. Some of that has very real implications: like changing up the early model of an annual conference to instead provide more opportunities to Local organizers with the Camps model. We have had our brains spinning with opportunities to further extend the platform for the community to step up and shine, including:

  • Making Camps bigger and better: Let’s get the regional events out to more cities and more countries! (see some of our learnings from the Pilot)
  • Expanding Challenges: What if the Challenge platform could be deployed at the Local level and with more partners? (share your feedback on the Camps + Challenges idea)
  • Peer Mentorship: The Local organizers are filled with experiences and knowledge to share, there’s definite opportunity to facilitate mentorship city-to-city and around the world.

There are far more ideas out there to extend our programs and impact, and provide more opportunities for the community; if you have recommendations or ideas, let us know!

Some questions to get you started:

  • Which programs do you think could grow without us, and which need more support?
  • What lessons have you learned in extending your impact and exanding your work?
  • Where should we start?