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Today the Internet is at the center of all initiative worldwide. It’s like nothing can happen without it. Millions ofbusinesses, organizations, networks, and initiatives are hooked up by the Internet and out of a sudden; we are informed that the protocol that makes it possible for computers and networks to communicate one to another is outdated! The game has been declared over for IPV4. Though some preventive measures have been taken to avert any form of black out of websites and freezing of  networks as a result of this transition, we still have to wait and see. In my country, only two companies are up to date with IPV6.

Netsquared Regional Conference Buea Cameroon Theme: Netsquared Cameroon reboot

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The Cameroon Netsquared Community will be organizing a conference on the 9th of February 2012 in DTCHUKS PALACE HOTEL Molyko Buea, the capital of the South West Region. The event will bring together members from all the local groups in Cameroon, Techies, civil society organizations and local government authorities.

These social actors shall critically analyze the activities of Netsquared in Cameroon, redefine a foundation and put in place a strategic plan of action for 2012-2014.


GET DETAILS ON THE EVENT @ www.ivission.net

Registration is free!!!



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Dear Friends of Social Change,

The FACT Challenge is at hand and the voting is running out of time!
I know you must have made some choices; but permit me share
 some few words of wisdom inspired by Nelson Mandela:

  1. Never make decisions in a haste

  2. Be ready to come back to a decision when need be

  3. Never keep your eyes off the challenge (problem) on the field

In Cameroon, we have two challenges:


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